Raising independent kids

Raising self sufficient kids is an arduous task. You have to start at the right time and with the right kind of training. Right from being toilet trained to organizing homework and further on, your child needs continuous training. It will not only make your child self-sufficient but will also spare you the efforts and time for running around him for every little thing.

Motivating your child to study

Making an uninterested child take to his academics is a tough call. This requires endless patience and even employing several methods at the same time. The initial years in a child's academic life are very important. If owing to any reason like an uninteresting school, change of location, loss of a loved one's or any other reason, a child may develop complete apathy towards his academics.

Developing drawing interest in your child

Developing drawing skills is not that difficult a task that you may be assuming it to be, even if by your own standards, you may not possess great drawing skills. Kids love giving way to their imaginations on paper. Nothing better can come to their good aid than ample drawing facilities that not only help the parents to get peek-a-boo into their thought processes but also pave the way for the kids in becoming future artistes.

Deal Easy With Your Child's Curiosity

Curiosity is the mother of all inventions. Curiosity is one characteristic that makes your kid keep you on your toes all the time. You cannot make curious kids. It is an innate tendency that helps kids to explore and learn about the world around them. Parents can be at their wits' ends trying to answer all the "whys" from the kids. This is a challenging process. Not only can the kids catch you with difficult questions, but can also make you ponder and think over so many things that you may have otherwise ignored.

Choosing the right online tools for your child

Times have changed and so have the ways of teaching kids. Gone are the days when academic learning was limited to classrooms only. Online learning has now come as big boon for kids of all ages. Kids take to online learning easily because it is much more fun. However, parents should consider a few factors before choosing the right game or website for their kids.
Here is a quick checklist to help you decide better.
Enjoyment value

Driving boredom Away From Your Child

"I am bored." Is that an oft-repeated rhetoric from your kid? Kids get bored easily. Their curiosity levels and attention span may not support continued interest in a storybook or plaything for long. However beyond that, we should also understand that their world is not as vast as adults' and their interests are different from you. Therefore, while a movie may keep you engrossed, it may be of little fascination for your kid.
Few helpers will aid you in keeping your child out of the ambit of boredom.

Bonding with your child

Bonding with your child may or may not be natural process in certain cases. Every child is born with an innate bond with his/her mother. Over period of time and because of certain factors, the bond may start developing cracks. There may be at times when you would be at your wits end to understand your child, and make him understand you. To prevent such a scenario cropping up in your life, it is therefore important that you take care of certain factors that not only help you develop bond with your child but also makes parenting an easy sail.