Frequently asked questions

What is ? is one stop shop to help kids learn unhindered, by ways of new learning ideas. We offer worksheets encompassing all knowledge areas for preschool children that have been exclusively created to hone the skills of the little geniuses.

Why ?
Books for long had been the only tool to learn for children of any age until technology changed the face of education. Gone are the days when kids had to rummage through books to learn; knowledge is now only a click away. endeavors to make learning and practicing concepts, easy and affordable. We present collection of worksheets to help your child polish skills in math, numbers and more. Kids can now do worksheets, any number of times, simply with a printout; something that is not possible with the conventional workbooks.

Who will benefit from ?
Both parents and children will benefit from the website. Parents need not hunt for good worksheets for children every now and then. They will always have a huge number of worksheets in the repertoire to choose from. Kids will benefit because they can hone their skills in several genres, and especially the ones that interests them. They can practice as much as they want to, without the need of buying books. Since the worksheets at are extremely affordable, parents are able to save a lot of money too, especially when compared to the cost of multiple books for a similar number of worksheets.

How does work?
Using and accessing worksheets from is very easy. The website and the navigation have been kept very simple. There are sample worksheets for each genre displayed on the website. Anybody can download these worksheets. For those who want multiple worksheets in each of the type, we charge $1.99 for a set of 100 worksheets, an amount way too little when compared to the cost of books containing similar number of worksheets in different knowledge areas. Whether as a paid or unpaid member, every parent and child benefits from the website.

Can I share downloads with my friends/colleagues?
No. As per the Terms of Use, worksheets downloaded are exclusively for the user. These shall not be shared on any platform with any entity.

Can I share my login/password with my friends/colleagues?
No. As per the Terms of Use, your account is for your use only. Violation of this policy will result in account suspension.

What is the maximum number of times that I can download an image, post purchase?

Once you purchase a collection of images, you are allowed to download them maximum for 5 times. This is to avoid unwanted downloads. However, even after the 5th copy if you still want to download, kindly send us a mail justifying the reasons

What payment methods do you accept? accepts payments via PayPal. If you are looking for alternative ways, kindly contact us.