Animal and their homes

Every animal lives in the habitat specific to it. Not all animal can live in about any kind of space. Some stay in cold areas, some in hot and humid areas. Just like different habitats of every animal, so are their homes. Each of the animals construct or find peculiar kind of homes that are best suited for them to live in, albeit temporarily. The type of shelter of every animal broadly depends upon the animal groups it belongs to - bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, mammal or insect. Generally, the shelters of different animals in a particular group are somewhat similar in design, yet will be dissimilar in terms of size and construct. In other words, we all know that all birds are sheltered in nests but then each of the bird’s nest design differs and are peculiar to that specific bird only.

Since every animal has a specific home to it, each of the shelters comes with distinct names too. Dogs stay in kennels, bee in beehives, donkeys in sheds and so on. It is important that kids learn as many shelter names as possible. This is will not only enhance their knowledge but will also help with the right usage of terms. This is an exhaustive list of animals and their shelters to help children learn the correct terms. They will not only learn these names but will also develop an interest in various animal habitats and their homes.

Animal Homes
Aardvark Den,Burrow
Alligator Nest
Ant Hive,Formicary
Armadillo Burrow
Badger Sett,Hole
Bat Cave,Roost
Bear Cave,Den
Beaver Burrow,Lodge
Bee Beehive,Aviary
Beetle Land(Tunnel)
Bird Cage,Nest
Buffalo Stable,Barn,Pasture
Camel Desert
Cat Lair,Cattery
Cheetah Safari,Savanna
Chicken Coop
Cockroach Prives,Sewers
Coyote Lair
Crane Nest
Crocodile Nest
Deer Bushes,Grass
Dog Kennel
Dolphin Dolphinarium
Donkey Shed,Barn
Dove Dovecot,Colambarium
Duck Pond,Nest
Eagle Eyrie
Elephant Dip-wad
Ferret Cage
Fish Aquarium,Pond,Vivary
Fly Crevasse,Cracks
Fox Lair,Burrow
Frog Froggery,Ranarium
Gerbil Gerbilarium
Giraffe Safari
Goat Pen,Locker
Grasshopper Grassland
Grouse Nest
Guinea pig Cage,Hutch
Hamster Cage
Hare Form
Hawk Hawkery,Mew
Hippopotamus River banks
Hornet Hive
Horse Stall,Stable
Hyena Den
Kangaroo Hollow tree
Koala Tree
Leopard Savanna,Safari
Lion Den
Llama Hut
Mole Tunnel,Fortress,Burrow
Monkey Tree
Moose Moosey land
Mouse MOuse hole
Ostrich Veldts
Otter Holt,Lodge,Couch
Owl Owlery
Panda Bamboo tree
Parrot cage
Penguin Penguinery
Pig Pen,Sty,Cote
Pigeon Loft,Cote
Porcupine Burrow,Hollow trunk
Porpoise Aquarium,Sea
Possum Tree
Rabbit Burrow,Hole,Hutch
Raccoon Burrow,Den
Rat Hole,Nest
Raven Ravenry
Rhinoceros Wallow
Rook Nest
Shark Sea
Sheep Fold,Pen,Cote
Snail Snailery
Snake Ophidarium,Snakery
Sparrow Nest
Spider Web
Squirrel Dray
Swan Swannery
Termite Mound,Termitarium
Tiger Lair
Turtle Sea
Viper Burrow,Hole
Wallaby Hollow tree
Wolf Den,Lair
Wombat Burrow
Woodpecker Nest
Yak Barn,Hill
Zebra Safari,Veldts

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