Animal Sounds

Oink–oink here and mooh-mooh there; just like the animals in Old Mc Donald’s farm, every animal makes sound that is peculiar to it. Sounds are one of the most common ways of recognizing animals, especially when we cannot see but only hear them.

Animals use sounds to communicate just like we do. In times when they have to call out to other animals of their group, or when they are in fear or are hungry, they make specific sounds. For the kids, it is very endearing to learn about the various animal sounds. Once learnt, they love observing these sounds in animals. Here is an extensive list of animals and their sounds. This list will not only enhance children’s knowledge about animals but will also create interest about their feathered and furred friends.

Animal Animal sounds
Apes Gibber
Asses Bray
Bats Screech
Bears Growl
Bees Hum
Beetles Drone
Birds Sing
Bitterns Boom
Bulls Bellow
Calves Bleat
Camels Grunt
Cats Mew,Purr
Cattle Moo
Chicks Cheep
Chickens Cluck,Cackle
Cocks Crow
Cows Moo
Crickets Creak,Chirp
Crows Caw
Deers Bell
Dogs Bark
Dolphins Click
Donkeys Bray
Doves Coo
Ducks Quack
Eagles Scream
Elephants Trumpet
Falcons Chant
Flies Buzz
Foxes Yelp
Frogs Croak
Geese Honk,Cackle
Giraffes Grunts,Bleats
Grasshoppers Chirp,Pitter
Grouse Drum
Guinea pigs Squeak
Gulls Squak
Hamsters Squeak
Hares Squeak
Hens Cackle,Cluck
Hogs Grunt
Horses Whinny,Neigh
Humming birds Hum
Hyenas Laugh,Scream
Jackals Howl
Kangaroos Chortle
Koalas Scream,Wail
Lambs Bleat
Larks Sing,Warble
Lions Roar,Growl
Magpies Chatter
Mice Squeak,Squeal
Monkeys Chatter,Screech
Mosquitoes Whine
Nightingales Pipe,Sing
Ostriches Hiss,Low hum
Owls Hoot,Scream
Oxen Bellow,Low
Parrots Talk,Screech
Peacocks Scream
Pigs Grunt,Oink
Pigeons Coo
Rabbits Squeak,Drum
Rats Squeak
Ravens Croak
Rhinoceros Bellow
Rooster Crow
Seagulls Scream,Squawk
Seals Bark
Sheep Bleat
Snakes Hiss
Sparrows Chirp
Stags Bellow
Swallows Titter
Swans Crey,Hiss
Tigers Growl,Roar
Tortoises Grunt
Turkeys Gobble
Vultures Scream
Whales Sing
Wolves Howl,Cry
Zebras Whinny

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