Taking the first steps in reading

Reading is a habit that may require a wee bit of effort from the parent, though the inclination to read varies from child to child. Reading not only helps one hone reading and comprehension skills but helps in gaining a great deal of knowledge. Reading is one habit that you would never complain about even if your child is hooked on to it, terribly.
Some tips may just help you transform your child into an avid reader.

  • Start early: Help your child develop a liking and habit of books as early as possible, even as a toddler. Though the genre of books will change as your child grows older, but starting early will make him motivated. Your child will be enthusiastic about turning pages looking at pictures and trying to identify them.
  • As a parent, develop a reading habit too: If you not have inculcated one, it is never too late to start. Since kids emulate their parents, it is important that you child should see you reading books, magazine or novels, albeit for a little while everyday so that your child develop a knack for it. In fact, seeing them several books around will only make them inquisitive and make them flip through the ones that they see around them
  • Read aloud: When your child is reading, make sure you read the storybooks aloud as you explain your child the story. Ensure your child gets to hear each of the sentences slowly and carefully.
  • Ask your child questions: Your job is not finished yet with the reading for your child. Make sure you ask him/her questions pertaining to the story that you have just read out. Your child's answers will tell you how much he understood of the story and what changes are you required to make in your narrative.
  • Books should be within your child's reach: Do not keep the books meant for your child out of his/ her reach. Stack them at a place that is easily reachable by them. This ways the child will himself go for the grab even in times when you are not expecting him/her to indulge in the activity.
  • Expose your child to as many books as possible: It may not be possible to buy a new book every time. Settle for library that has ample books to offer for your child' age group.
  • Online learning can also help: If you can access a good learning website for kids that has pictures of animals , birds, fruits, vegetables and several other things, this would help your child in reading. Reading aloud the name of such animals, birds or fruits and reading their descriptions will not only help your child know about them but will better their reading skills too.
  • Brush up on your child's phonemic knowledge: Start teaching your child all about phonics when he/ she take first steps in learning. They will not only understand the letter- sound association, but will also pronounce unfamiliar words much better.
  • Last but not the least, follow the routine on a continual basis. If you want long term results, make reading for your child, an everyday affair.
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