Readying your Child for Kindergarten

Being a parent of about to attend kindergarten child, you may be anxious and want to prepare your child before he/she starts attending one. Read on for some tips that will banish the initial stress for both the parent and the child.

  • Focus on the sociability of your child. Kindergarten is a place where your child will meet new friends and have to work in tandem with them. If you feel your child is shy or does not warm up to people or kids of his age, start focusing in this direction. Take your child to parks, activity centers, pools etc. Try that he plays with neighborhood kids and develops gregariousness. If your child develops sociability, he will face lesser problems in kindergarten.
  • Ensure that has the basic knowledge that a child going to kindergarten ought to. Your child should know the spelling of his name, his parents' name, address and phone number besides others. The knowledge of basic shapes, colors, days of the week, letters of the alphabet, counting etc will help him a lot in his initial days at the kindergarten.
  • Try to incorporate learning in everyday activities. Ask him to count the vegetables, name the toys and the letters they start with, ask him about colors. And of course, do not forget to praise your child when he answers correctly.
  • Take him to libraries and help develop a reading habit. If you can subscribe to a good learning site for kids that has everything from letters to numbers and drawings pages, it will do him a great deal of good. Accessing such a site will not only help your child garner the requisite knowledge, but will also make him interested in learning and exploring.
  • Help your child with his fine motor skills, before he starts to hold the pencil and write. Sorting toys, helping you in the kitchen, drawing with big pencils and several other activities should be made a part of his daily routine.
  • Plan a schedule for him. If going to sleep time, learning time, mealtime and playtime, come in schedules, it is easier for the parent as well as for the child. Scheduling will make both you and your child less hassled and will teach your child, the importance of completing a particular work in stipulated time.
  • Explore the school with him. Kindergarten will be a new place for your child; make sure you tour the school a couple of times before he starts on his new journey. The more he is familiar beforehand, the easier is it for him to adjust.
  • Ensure that he is properly immunized before attending kindergarten.
  • The kindergarten life is one of the important steppingstones in your child's life. Make an endeavor to teach your child something new every day and try instilling a habit, that he gains knowledge of at least one revelation each day. This is simply not because he would be starting on his kindergarten journey; a habit thus formed will help him in future too. If you help him in developing a habit of exploring and feel excited in the process, the rest of journey would be a breeze.
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