Raising independent kids

Raising self sufficient kids is an arduous task. You have to start at the right time and with the right kind of training. Right from being toilet trained to organizing homework and further on, your child needs continuous training. It will not only make your child self-sufficient but will also spare you the efforts and time for running around him for every little thing.
Training assumes more important when your child is about to start the school. This is the time when your child would be doing things in a bunch of strangers without you being around. By the time your child starts attending a preschool and thereafter too, here are few tips that would help him better and be independent

  • Potty training: It goes without mention, potty training starts much before you child attends a preschool. However, if do not start training him at the right time, your child may not learn the habit even when going to a preschool. Start potty training your child when he is about one and half to two years old. You would be required to put in extra amount of efforts in the initial days, but be assured once your child is trained, you will be a very relieved mother.
  • Eating with spoon and fork: When your child starts attending a preschool, he would have graduated from eating finger foods. His motor skills at this time should be able to support him eating with spoon and fork without spilling over. Teach him the basics of eating ways, how to use the napkins, how to hold the fork and spoons as he sits in his high chair ready to devour his food. Make sure you also follow these habits; else your child will not learn.
  • Wearing clothes and shoes: At the point of attending a preschool, your child should be able to put on the shoes and dress. They would of course, require help in tying the laces and buttoning up.
  • Keeping his space tidy: Teach your child to keep his space/room tidy when he starts attending a preschool. He should not throw away his shoes or bags anywhere. He should know the specific locations to keep his things and should adhere to the rules. Also, teach your kid basic hygiene practices like using the dustbins, washing his hands, etc.
  • Teach him to pour: By the time your child turns three, he should have developed hand eye coordination. Teach him how to do pour water in tumbler without spilling over. Also, ensure that he knows when the liquids are hot so that he does not hurt himself.
  • Once your child starts attending a preschool make his routine: The time your child wakes, the time he goes to sleep, his mealtimes, his playtime, all should go in routine. As he graduates to higher classes, incorporate the study time too in the schedule. Making such a routine and teaching him its importance will not only make you and your child's life simpler, but will also instill a sense of discipline in him.
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