Motivating your child to study

Making an uninterested child take to his academics is a tough call. This requires endless patience and even employing several methods at the same time. The initial years in a child's academic life are very important. If owing to any reason like an uninteresting school, change of location, loss of a loved one's or any other reason, a child may develop complete apathy towards his academics.
In several cases, the child in question may be actually a bright child who just lost his way somewhere. Though it is tough making such a child take to studies, but the earlier you start, lesser would be the stress for you.

  • Talk to your child about the reasons for his apathy: Most of the time, your child may not be able to give any concrete answers to it. Ask him about his various teachers, his curriculum that he may be finding too hard for his capabilities, the lack of guidance that he has or simply the effect of his peer group. The reason could be any or many. You will have to devise your strategy likewise.
  • Check for the reason at your end: Are your expectations too harsh on your child? Are you giving him enough time when he studies? Is his study place cluttered? Does he sit in a noisy room? Any one of them or several factors could be the reason for your child's behavior; you will have to take a close look each one of them.
  • Make study time motivating: Drab methods of education, rote learning, and insufficient understanding, all lead to uninterested child. Try making study time interesting for your child. Incorporate as many aids as possible in his study time. You can search for good learning website for kids. Kids love learning form audiovisual medium and a good learning site actually helps in making kids keen learners.
  • Do not forget to praise: Do not forget to praise your child for even the little of improvement that he shows. Encourage him as much as you can.
  • Do not give him freebies just like that: Let your child learn to earn his gifts and pocket money. If kids receive too much too easily, they do not understand the value of what they receive. It is therefore important that you link what they receive with your child achievements. Be careful in the process though; do not lavish him with gifts for the minutest of achievements. Keep the bar a little high for him to achieve so that he strives harder than before each time.
  • Limit the television time; help him develop the habit of reading instead.

Motivating an uninterested child for studies may be one of the most difficult tasks that you may have do as a parent. Do not expect results overnight; they will come albeit over a period of time.

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