Driving boredom Away From Your Child

"I am bored." Is that an oft-repeated rhetoric from your kid? Kids get bored easily. Their curiosity levels and attention span may not support continued interest in a storybook or plaything for long. However beyond that, we should also understand that their world is not as vast as adults' and their interests are different from you. Therefore, while a movie may keep you engrossed, it may be of little fascination for your kid.
Few helpers will aid you in keeping your child out of the ambit of boredom.

  • Be realistic in expectations: Do not expect the same thing of appeal for you and your child. Even two adults have different interests when it comes to picking hobbies or pastimes. So while some kind of music may keep you hooked, it may get your little one horribly bored. His interests may lie in some sports say soccer. Make sure you know your child's ardors well before you declare that he gets bored easily.
  • Kids have far little things to ponder upon than you: While your mind may be thinking about thousands things as you sit idle, your child's mind does not. He will be physically far more active than you. So before you shout at him to keep quiet and sit quietly, give a second thought to his age.
  • Keep your child busy as far as possible: An idle mind will get bored easily. Devise a fun way to make your little one help you in daily chores like in tidying up his cupboard, in cooking, baking, and loads of other things where he will be working up on his creative skills.
  • Kids tend to get bored of playing with the same toys repeatedly. Devise a method of rotating the toys. Keep aside some of them for special occasions. This way your kid will not get bored yet get engaged with the same set to toys.
  • Keep a tab on your "donts": "Don’t touch this" or "don't do this" will only make your child all the more restless. Be patient when dealing with young kids. Too many restrictions(of course, not in places where they may hurt themselves) in and outside the house and constant instructions to keep and sit quietly will not only prevent them from experiencing new things, but will also make them lethargic, confused kids.
  • Hone their creative skills: Give them toys and play things that will sharpen their creative thinking. Solving puzzles and brainteasers is also a great way to keep kids busy. If you cannot find a good book with them around you, check for puzzles and brainteasers online. There are good websites that offers puzzles, brainteasers, coloring, and drawing pages for kids that keeps them busy for a considerable length of time.
  • Last but not the least; give your time to your kids. Keep that phone away for little while, spend some time in coloring, in the kitchen or making crafty things with your kids. It will not only make your child engrossed but will also make for a great bonding time.
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