Bonding with your child

Bonding with your child may or may not be natural process in certain cases. Every child is born with an innate bond with his/her mother. Over period of time and because of certain factors, the bond may start developing cracks. There may be at times when you would be at your wits end to understand your child, and make him understand you. To prevent such a scenario cropping up in your life, it is therefore important that you take care of certain factors that not only help you develop bond with your child but also makes parenting an easy sail.

  • Give enough time to your child: Parenting is a serious job and you should give it your 100%. Even if you are working as a professional, make sure you spend enough time with your child. You should know what your child eats, what activities he does, what all needs etc. on an everyday basis. Try never miss your child's growing up years. These may be tough times for working mothers, but they do not stretch to infinity.
  • Know your child best: You should be the person who should know your child's eating habits, his favorite toys, books, dresses et al. Bond over with him at playtime, mealtime and even study time. Make sure you are there with him at all such occasions.
  • If you want respect, show your child respect too: You are your child's role model. Ensure that you keep your own conduct right if you want the same in return. If you act bitterly with your child, he will show you the same.
  • Contribute in every phase of growing up: Whether it is your kid's first day at school, at the pool, or sports day, make sure you are with him at such times. Ruing on missing out such events later on in life will help little.
  • Do not forget that hug and cuddle: Your child needs your love. Make sure you never miss showing love to your little one, amply. Make customs like wishing each other in the mornings and at bedtime.
  • Indulge in gardening and D-I-Y crafts: Doing such things together will not help your child develop bond with you, but will also help him in learning new things. Sharing your childhood experiences will also benefit him greatly. You can subscribe to a good learning website for kids and help your child with his academic skills. Watching your child take his first steps in letters and numbers will give you great thrills.
  • Vacation once in a while is a must: Make sure you do go on vacationing with your child regularly, if not very frequently. Give your complete time to your child during these times and yes, do not attend those work calls or make a mini office when you go on such retreats. Such things will dampen your child's spirits. A road trip will also work wonders.

Bonding with your child is not one time affair. You will have to put in your hours and dedication. However, since it is such a pleasurable process that you will never get bored of the journey and remember it for the rest of your life.

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